What versions of Joomla! and Wordpress does Joomanuals support ?

Ans : Joomla 3.x / 2.5 / 1.7 / 1.5 and Wordpress 3.2 /3.3

Does Joomanuals store my clients' websites' information ?

Ans : Yes, but it is never viewed by the Joomanuals team. You can delete it any time by deleting your saved manuals.

What 3rd-party Joomla components are supported by Joomanuals ?

Ans : Currently, Jomanuals generates chapters for the following Joomla components :

As of now, there aren't any chapters for 3rd party WordPress plugins. However, we are open to your suggestions and collaborations for adding these.

Will Joomanuals work if I have a custom Admin Template on my client's website ? ?

Ans : No. Joomanuals will only work for the default admin template.

What if the manual needs to have some additional information apart from the generated chapters ?

Ans : You can add additional chapters with your own text at the end of the manual. You can even add extra pages at the end of each chapter.

Which languages are supported by Joomanuals ?

Ans : As of now, Joomanuals is capable of generating manuals in English only.

Can Joomanuals sponsor this awesome Joomla day I'm hosting?

Ans : Only if you promise to send us some cool badges and tshirts with Joomla! written all over them :D . Although we're a tiny company with small budgets, we do set aside some of our income for sponsoring Joomla Days. Get in touch.

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